Lightroom / Sony Issue in the classroom

The following article also applies to any digital camera, not just Sony… Because, almost all camera manufacturers, when they release new cameras (about every 2 years, this fall — as it’s a Photokina year!), they also introduce NEW raw file formats. And, yes this causes a problem with Computer Operating systems and software like Lightroom, until they catchup to the manufacturer. In the Clark Mac lab, the software, Lightroom and OS X, is only updated once a year, in September, before the beginning of the Fall semester. That is part of the problem we experienced in the classroom…

Here’s what you need to do…


Fix your OS, so that Windows Explorer (The camera manufacture supplies the Windows Drivers!), and/or Apple’s Finder (Apple sends you raw file updates, as they become available), can so your COMPUTER can display all “raw” files.

Manufacturer Support

Go to your manufacturer’s website and download and install the support software for YOUR Computer and Camera. All camera manufactures supply, image viewers, OS support, and editing software. You might also find that the camera manufacturer has updated the Camera’s FIRMWARE Here are are some links…

Choose the “Drivers and Software” Button and download and install the appropriate software!

In the DSLR table, click on the camera name that you own…

Write in the Camera’s name

If you have a different camera, send me an email, and I’ll send you an appropriate link for software support…


You can update raw file support for Lightroom 5 to version 5.71 (Stand alone) Then use the Lightroom Menu: Help → Updates… to get the last latest Camera Raw update.

NOTE: Updates for Lightroom

Lightroom CC 2015.5 and Lightroom 6.5 added support for Sony a6300 and Sony G Master lenses available through the Adobe Updater and on last March (2016.)

Download from here…(Clicking on this link will download the SONY and other camera’s Raw updates) for Lightroom and Photoshop.

A Photoshop Aside

Adobe Camera Raw 9.5 is available with Sony a6300 Raw Support through the update mechanism in Photoshop CC and the Creative Cloud application. Camera Raw 9.5 is only available in Photoshop CC or later. If you are using an older version of Photoshop and Lightroom, you can utilize Adobe DNG Converter for continued camera support.

Camera Raw 9.5 has an updated visual interface designed to align with Photoshop CC and Bridge.

If the latest raw file update doesn’t help you, the work around is to use Adobe’s DNG converter.

This would also allow you to bring your raw files to class, and use the version of Lightroom we have in the classroom (It dates to last September)

DNG Converter

Download and Install DNG Converter:

Double click on the downloaded file and follow the screen prompts to install.

The DNG Converter Workflow

The Other Workaround

Purchase the Lightroom Cloud plan and the latest version of Lightroom CC 2015.6 Build 1078672 & Camera Raw 9.6

But, remember in the classroom Lightroom doesn’t understand Sony 6300 raw files, and won’t until the fall… so, it’s back to using the DNG converter. or better still Export your files from Lightroom as DNG files…

Bottom Line

Keep your camera’s Firmware and software up to date. Keep your computer’s OS and application software up to date! Updates not only fix bugs, they fix possible security holes. Stay safe and update!

If you have any questions… ‘Holler!’